The Technologies We Use

Recurrent Energy is at the forefront of today’s energy transition.

Renewable energy technologies have matured by rapidly increasing in efficiencies while dramatically decreasing in cost.  At the same time electricity markets have moved into a state of transition as more and more renewable energy generators are added to the grid.  As renewable energy adoption accelerates and storage technology costs continue to decline, energy buyers are increasingly capturing the many benefits of solar paired with energy storage. 

By combining the infinite resource of the sun with advanced storage solutions, we can meet the specific electricity needs of our customers across the United States. Furthermore, because there are no variable fuel or operating costs associated with renewable energy generation, our projects deliver clean, low-cost, reliable power to our customers.

We use proven, reliable, safe technologies for our solar and battery projects.


Recurrent Energy has always led the pack in solar energy development. As an early mover in U.S. markets such as California, Recurrent Energy set the standard for solar energy development and contracting. As solar energy became more cost competitive in markets across the United States, we expanded our footprint as well, meeting the needs of our customers nationwide.

Energy Storage

We have a best-in-class team with in-house experts across all stages of the project development lifecycle, from siting, design, interconnection, permitting and procurement to origination & structuring, financing, construction, and asset management. To complement our solar experience, we also have extensive in-house energy storage design, marketing, and optimization expertise.